The Septemebrrr Playlist!

Well kids, it’s fall (or autumn if you’re European) or as I  call it, the slow death of summer.  Some may say it’s a ‘new beginning’ so that calls for ‘new music’. “Some” being “me”. “New” being “new to me”. “Music” being “see below”. Glad we cleared that up.

‘I’m a goner’ Matt & Kim feat Soulja boy and Andrew W.K.

How did this unlikely trio come about you may ask? Converse. Yeah… the shoes.  Corporate intentions or not, good song!! Good to know Andrew W.K. still likes to party (party hard!).

‘Left Alone At Night’ Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi is the ish! If you dig this old gem, check out his new-ish album, Underneath The Pine.

‘Stay Young, Go Dancing’ Death Cab for Cutie

This last track off Codes and Keys is just lovely. Zooey Deschanel bangs lovely.

‘I wanna meet Dave Grohl’ Wavves

Some beach rock for your long weekend. New ep ‘Life Sux’ out later this month! Hopefully all their songs don’t sound the same, but I don’t have my hopes up.

‘What The Water Gave Me’ Florence and The Machine

It’s ok. Just ok. I hope the album is better (out in November). Maybe ‘What the whiskey gave me’ would be better.

Another notable is Fall Creek Boys Choir. It’s notable because its Bon Iver AND James Blake. It’s at the bottom because, well, it’s not very good.

It sounds like my cat throwing up on reverb.

For all your September music needs, check out the playlist! Updated at my leisure.


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