Really Rad Covers Of Already Rad Songs

Let’s face it, covers usually blow. See Madonna’s cover of American Pie or Counting Crows ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ if you contest.

It makes you wonder what kind of person would take something so beautiful, so perfect, so pure and make it suck as much as screwing up the space time continuum. (which reallly sucks, btw, sorry about that whole market crashing thing last week, I punched a t-rex in the face on my last adventure, he had it coming though).

Hey Michael J, what's shaking?

Hey Michael J, what's shaking?

But sometimes, you make it to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance on time and don’t make out with your mother and then you hooverboard back to the 80’s. What I’m saying is that sometimes (rarely) covers are really really effing good.  Good like dinosaur boxing and this.

Firstly, Meet Neil Young. If you do not know Neil Young, you should get to know Neil. There’s no better way to ‘find yourself’ than to put on Harvest, grab a beer and have a existential crisis in the forest. You should find the meaning of life before the album ends. Suck on that, Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here’s ‘Harvest Moon’ from the man himself.

OK, now here’s ‘Harvest Moon’ by Poolside. The nu disc0-y DJ’s call their steez  ‘daytime disco’, which is fine, because I’m really sick of putting ‘nu’ in front of everything (nu-bloggin, nu-walking, nu-ALL-THE-THINGS!).  The daylight restriction is curious as it definitely narrows down the amount of gigs they can play, especially up here in the northern winter months.

I wanna make out with this song. I don’t even know which one I like better. It’s that good.

Now the perfect as prose ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Dire Straits. If you’re currently not in love, you will be after listening to this song. Most likely to me, for introducing you to this auricular beauty (or my stunning good looks). You’re welcome, and let’s take it slow cause I wanna do this right.

OK now The Killers? I’ll admit, back when they burst onto the scene, I was sceptical of their artistic integrity. It was as if they were from Shenzen, China (manufactured). They were only a band for a month before their photo-shopped little faces were everywhere. And when I saw them in 2005, I’m positive he was lip syncing. It wasn’t Britney, bitch.

But as time wore on, and they grew into their own, their facial hair and feathered apparel, the music got pret-tay good. But none as good as this cover.

The lyrics of this song is how I imagine unicorns would speak to each other during the courting process.

What emo kid (don’t lie, you totally were, or at least thought about it at some point) doesn’t love Joy Division and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

Now check out the William Shatner-spoken-word-esque cover by the Swans. Creepy, enchanting, cutting edge video technology! Just me on this one?

Isn’t it weird that all these songs are about unrequited love? Also I can’t really think of an artist today who can rival the lyrical prowess of the classics artists. What is wrong with our generation? I guess it’s time to stop texting and start use grammar good n’stuff. Like Omg, wtf, bbq!

Is daytime disco a real thing? Are we making this a thing?


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