On Heavy Rotation: The National, Matt & Kim, Bon Iver and Kyoto Protocol

Last Friday, I found two dead birds on the top floors at work. One was a robin and the other was a black bird that’s not a crow. I’m not really into ornithology so I don’t really know if it’s its a blackbird or a black bird.

I do not have one of these today.

I also listened to these songs a lot.  They are good. I encourage you to listen to them too.  You will be a better person for it.

Matt & Kim – ‘Block After Block’

I got to see them live last month in New York. They are one of those bands who are really great live, so if you ever have the chance, you should go. Also that is not CGI,  Kim has really sweet guns in real life too.

The National – ‘Exile Vilify’

I found this song for the first time this week! I love it! His voice is quite a bit higher than his vocals on High Violet, but I do love the piano! Apparently this song is for a video game? Looks like the National are making it big in the indie scene which means we’ll be hearing their tunes in car commercials and teenage melodramas any day now.

Givers – ‘Up Up Up’

This song is happier than a cat in tuna pants.  Givers are pretty new on the scene, but their debut is strong. It’s call In Light.  They kinda remind me of Vampire Weekend a bit and are also from Louisiana which makes them possible, real Vampires.

Bon Iver – ‘Michicant’

If you haven’t listened to Bon Iver’s new album,Bon Iver, yet – then you have not lived! At least not well.  While I really like this song, it’s one of those albums where you need to listen to the whole thing. But be warned, it’s not like a working out/party album. You might cry.

Kyoto Protocol – ‘Never Know’

Turns out this song does not have a video. So I made one, well it’s just a picture of my llama, which suits the song very well I might say. You should also most likely check out Kyoto Protocol and get An Album here. If it’s good enough for llama’s, it’s good enough for you.

Oh also, you can check out all these songs and more on my August playlist. If you need an invite for Spotify, give me a holla!


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