Tired of Pumped Up Kicks Yet? Alt Summer Songs for 2k11 That Won’t Make You Commit.

Sweet Summer Jam

Every summer has a ‘song’. Yknow that one you hear over and over again on the radio. That perfect infectious jam that feels as dreamy as a beer and the sunset on the patio. But one that can keep you rallying all night until you hurl your guts out on mainstreet and not tell anyone and make the whole town wonder what sort of alcoholic degenerates are running around this once serene community.

And while it can’t be disputed that Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ is this years Summer Jam, I for one, just can’t take anymore. So here’s some dreamy alternatives for those suh-uuh-merrrrr NIAAAGHHTTSSSS (tell me more, tell me mooooreeee)

The Cult’s ‘Go Outside’

The lyrics are dead on, the synth is hypnotic and dreamy and the video is weird. And possibly not the real one.  What has the world come to when I can’t trust the authenticity on Youtube. This makes me sad guys!

Friendly Fires ‘The Edge Of Glory’

Friendly Fires covers Lady Gaga and it’s pretty fun.  I like this song because I feel like I’m on the edge of glory most of the time, hopefully someday I plummet over the cliff into the depth of glory and just bask in full on glory. But like the namesake, I kinda feel like this song is just on the edge of glory, it probably needs more cowbell.

Real Estate ‘Barely Legal’

This is a Stroke’s cover. Real Estate has been getting a lot of hype lately, kind like the Strokes used to. Apparently they also have a tribute album to the Strokes, and suddenly I feel old.

Hoodie Allen ‘#whitegirlproblems’

Rapping over indie beats? Twitter and internet culture reference? The lyric ‘Kanye West has white girl problems’? Sign me up! Also Hoodie has a free mixtape out right meow if you’re picking up what he’s putting down. Check it out here http://hoodieallen.com/


Alright let’s go outside!!!


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