Sweet New Sounds

It may not be ‘music monday’ or even ‘new releases tuesday’ but there is no clever way to sat ‘ I’m still funemployed and today I decided to write about some new tunes’.  And by next week I’ll have forgotten or lost interest, so here goes..

First up, our fav falsetto loving emo kids, Bon Iver and ‘Calgary’

If anyone has ever been to Calgary, it’s not what you call ‘inspiring’, ‘aesthetically pleasing’ or even ‘enjoyable’. But this song is. It starts out empty and soulless, like it’s namesake, but picks up the tempo, the energy and hope. Is it 2008? because I can hear the hope!

Santogold featuring Karen o ‘Go’

Santogold, once hailed as an poor woman’s MIA, is now doing MIA better than MIA herself.  Pairing with The Yeah^3’s front lady – Karen o makes this for a solid punk inspired, tribal jam. While it’s good, I feel like it’s missing the hook that all great pop songs need. And I was kidding about the MIA thing, I just thought saying her name was like a beetlejuice thing.

Death Cab For Cutie ‘You’re a Tourist’

I took a death cab one time. I was really hungover and got into a taxi with a complete disregard for collision physics and no a/c in a tropical climate. It was terrible. This song is not. It makes me look forward to the upcoming Codes and Keys, it sounds like marriage has perked up Ben Gibbard quite a bit.


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