Clicking My Ruby Red Slippers!

The pretty part of Canada

Well kids tomorrow’s the big day. Almost 2 years to the date and 1 globe circling later, I’m headed home. And while I have a long flight to think about what I’ve learned, the things I’ve done and seen and then I will write up all my feelings and emotions and promptly keep it to myself (this isn’t tumblr). I’m also just elated to go home again!

Where I'm from.

Not just go home but be home.  Here’s what I’m gonna be listening to over and over and over again for the next 14 hours.

‘Home’ – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Yes, I know, literal day was yesterday. But still, it’s called home and it feels like home! Probably because I’m from small town Saskatchewan (like 400 people small) which for all those who don’t know is the Alabama, Arkansas of Canada.

‘Maps’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The thing about Rockglen, Saskatchewan is that you had to have grown up in it to be excited about going to it – even then it’s a long shot. But I am – they don’t love you like I love you Rockglen, no one does. They don’t know what it’s like for people like us growing u– err wrong song. Moving on!

‘Young Blood’ – The Naked and Famous

This song is about two young lovers trying to relive the magic of the early part of their courtship as their relationship starts to wither and break. Which is a giant metaphor for me and life right now. Did I say life? I meant my bank account.

‘IfYou Wanna’ – The Vaccines

In this song I imagine the Vaccines is Canada, singing to me that if I wanna come back, it’s alright. I’m sorry for leaving Canada! I was young, naive, I wanted to see what else was out there! But now I know! You’re the one for me, I’ll never leave you again (unless you turn cold!). I also want health insurance again! Also I’m not sure why Canada is singing to me with a British accent…

See you in the Great White North!

Blame Canada – for being so darn lovable! (in the summer months)


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