And I Literally Died….

If you’re anything like me and hear literally used improperly so often that when you do see it used properly, you get so excited you literally throw yourself off an 53rd storey balcony. (That sentence saved lives..think about it).  Yknow when someone says ‘Like OMG you guys, I literally stabbed myself in the eye because it was so funny’ -you can’t help but wonder- ‘really did you? Not only does that seem excessive and stupid, you clearly have two eyes so you either have a loose grasp on the concept of ‘literally’ or your ‘eye’.

But that brings us to today’s playlist. Songs that are so literal you can’t help be nothing less than proud of yourself when you use them for their intended purpose. Don’t get it? Read on, you will literally DIE if you don’t. Srsly, this post is like one of those chain letters your aunt sends you from her hotmail account,  it can and will kill you without remorse.

First up – ‘The Bike Song’ by Mark Ronson and the Business International.

Ever since spending spring in Stockholm, all of a sudden I’m smitten with biking ( Although my love affair with alliteration spans ages). This is the perfect song, lyrics and tempo wise. I’m pretty sure I high five myself, turn my bike around and head home when this comes on the old shuffle.

‘It’s Tricky’ – Run D.M.C.

Have you ever tried to rap? Even as a joke? Then you understand this one. I always repeat this song in spoken word style when I’m consoling a friend who just lose a rap battle. Perfect every time.

‘The Festival Songs’ – Pez

Aussies love their festivals and festivals love me, so I …would love to be in Australia one summer, festival hopping. If you ever wonder what the weekend in the life of a Convict islander during the summer months, wonder no more, as this song will clear things up for you.

‘I found A Whistle’ – MGMT

I’ve never actually had the pleasure of finding a whistle but oh boy, when I do I know what I’m gonna play! I hope it’s a rape whistle!

And if you’re one of those people who use literally wrong. It’s ok, I never learned how to tie my shoes until 4th grade. But the important thing is that I did learn, and that the words you are looking for is figuratively or metaphorically.

Also, I’m leaving out ‘Friday’. I think we’ve all had enough.


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