Track Reviews In Haiku

Lazy or Genius?

OR BOTH? (its both)

Muse – Neautron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)

Meatloaf meets with Queen
I would do anything for love
but listen to this

LCD SoundSystem – Drunk Girls

Hipster punk rock sesh
Lyrics capture my whole youth
and weekend antics

Edward Sharpe and The Magentic Zeros – Home

This song will prove that
hillbillys can fall in love
and make good music

Ratatat – Drugs

This reminds me of
dungeon music from mario
but far more hipster

Swedish House Mafia – One

truly addictive
simple and epic at once
Its unstoppable

Crookers – Cooler Couler ft Yelle

Yelle’s childlike vocals
creepy funhouse melody
makes for some good times

Vampire Weekend – I think Your a Contra

eerie and loving
happy rainy day music
but whats a contra?

Jamica – I think I like U2

Super Happy Fun Jam
Wait, they like me or the band?
Bono can suck it

Ok im out of tunes – so give me some!!!!!


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