Peaches! Coming To Singapore!

Oh I’m so excited! Not only does my fellow Canadian, Peaches, have a mind-blasting new video out (see below), she is coming to Singapore on April 28th.

You know I am going to be there 😉

I fell in love with this artist instantly, but not from one of her songs. It was when she was giving an interview whilst getting a brazillian wax. Class, I say, class.

The song Billionaire though has me asking:

Are copulation techniques directly or inversely proportionate to socioeconomic status?

It was never really clarified in the deep and prolific lyrics. But when I think Billionaire the words ‘uptight’ and ‘old’ come to mind.

I mean, maybe some people want to be effed like hobo? (read: dirty, drunk slightly smelling of urine)


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