Dissected: The dirty/sexy/sweaty Party Video

The dirty/sexy/sweaty party video has become more and more prevalent these days. (at least in my youtube rotation).

The reason these videos keep surfacing like killer whales in the spring, is not only are they easy to make, they are exceptional marketing tools. Think of the message “Look at us, having more fun than you – listen to our tunes and you can have fun times like these.”
Here’s 3 that will get you excited for the weekend (or Tuesday night, I don’t judge)

First off – Frankmusic’s “When your around”. I dig this video. It has the elements needed for a dirty/sexy/sweaty party video – that is a suggestive intro, flashing lights, making out, vomit, someone falling down and people wearing sunglasses at night. But my favorite part of this video is everyone’s hair – so good!

Fake Blood – I think I like It.

This is what I imagine frat parties would be – if frats were cool. But it will never be cool to pay for friends this video shall remain fantasy. Also I’m starting to think that there is not nearly enough jumping going on over the weekends. Let’s remedy this people!

The Bloody Beatroots – Cornelius

This video wins my award for the dirtiest/sexiest/sweatiest party video. Not only does it have all elements mentioned above, it has MORE – like masks, girl fights,  people passing out in bathrooms, stage diving and vomit- lots of vomit- on other people, projecting off a merry-go-round. C’mon, like you’ve never been ‘that guy’ (just me? ok then….)

So to recap to make your own dirty/sexy/party video you at bare minimum need:

  • a seductive intro
  • kissy face action
  • an unconventional light scheme of sorts
  • sunglasses at night (nothing is complete without irony)
  • vomit
  • a massive bail (the more massive the better, best if they don’t get back up)

If you want to take your video to the next level, you have got to prove somehow that you are parting harder, faster and like never before (not sure if that even means anything, but go with it).

May I suggest some loose glitter and a pony?


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