Vacation Time With Is Tropical

I’m headed out west! It’s vacation time! And I understand that maybe not everyone is in super happy, everything-is-wonderful, life-is-all-glitter and cats vacation mode.

So listen to this! Is Tropical (band name) and South Pacific (song name). Dreamy and delirious daytime disco that gets the wanderlust going even if your stuck behind a desk or tractor wheel.

Buy the album Native To here. After a few listens, I do delcare that it’s solid™.

If I wasn’t sure about daytime disco, I am now. It’s real, it’s happening and it’s goood.


Take This Blog And Shove It.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you need to ‘man-up’ and face the music anddo things that arn’t necessarily pleasant. Well kids, this is one of those times, and I’ve manned up like you man up in Saudi Arabia when you’re about to take over Africa (Risk, btw, I’m talking about Risk.)

But this has nothing to do with the loveable(?) boardgame.

A few months ago, I woke up from 3 years in Asia with a headache, a new affinity for ipoh horfun, minuscule amounts of dignity and massive debt, so some tough calls had to be made. Which mainly involved moving back in with my dad (totally rad move btws, I recommend) and getting a summer job at the local powerplant as a labourer ( errr not as rad…)

My dad keeps telling me that it’s the kind of job where you “learn about yourself” and “build character.” But so far the only things I’ve learned is that I’m a stunner in an orange jumpsuit and how to drive a forklift (not covered in Business school oddly enough).

Note to self, never go to jail.

So basically this summer been’s major, Charlie Major.

psst for the longest time, I thought Charlie was doing it for me, which was weird since we never met, but I was cool with it since Charlie seemed pretty chill.

But come Friday (lay off day!), it’s all BTO baby.

This is my first (hopefully last) experience with the “counting down the hours at work until the end of the day” thing but at least I’m in good company – with the Ramones, Flaming Lips, Drive-By-Truckers, Dolly Parton and more… They’ve been there and back and wrote songs about it.  Check out the full Daily Grind Playlist here. 

And at least I don’t have to go back to school! (suckas!!)







The Septemebrrr Playlist!

Well kids, it’s fall (or autumn if you’re European) or as I  call it, the slow death of summer.  Some may say it’s a ‘new beginning’ so that calls for ‘new music’. “Some” being “me”. “New” being “new to me”. “Music” being “see below”. Glad we cleared that up.

‘I’m a goner’ Matt & Kim feat Soulja boy and Andrew W.K.

How did this unlikely trio come about you may ask? Converse. Yeah… the shoes.  Corporate intentions or not, good song!! Good to know Andrew W.K. still likes to party (party hard!).

‘Left Alone At Night’ Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi is the ish! If you dig this old gem, check out his new-ish album, Underneath The Pine.

‘Stay Young, Go Dancing’ Death Cab for Cutie

This last track off Codes and Keys is just lovely. Zooey Deschanel bangs lovely.

‘I wanna meet Dave Grohl’ Wavves

Some beach rock for your long weekend. New ep ‘Life Sux’ out later this month! Hopefully all their songs don’t sound the same, but I don’t have my hopes up.

‘What The Water Gave Me’ Florence and The Machine

It’s ok. Just ok. I hope the album is better (out in November). Maybe ‘What the whiskey gave me’ would be better.

Another notable is Fall Creek Boys Choir. It’s notable because its Bon Iver AND James Blake. It’s at the bottom because, well, it’s not very good.

It sounds like my cat throwing up on reverb.

For all your September music needs, check out the playlist! Updated at my leisure.

Really Rad Covers Of Already Rad Songs

Let’s face it, covers usually blow. See Madonna’s cover of American Pie or Counting Crows ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ if you contest.

It makes you wonder what kind of person would take something so beautiful, so perfect, so pure and make it suck as much as screwing up the space time continuum. (which reallly sucks, btw, sorry about that whole market crashing thing last week, I punched a t-rex in the face on my last adventure, he had it coming though).

Hey Michael J, what's shaking?

Hey Michael J, what's shaking?

But sometimes, you make it to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance on time and don’t make out with your mother and then you hooverboard back to the 80’s. What I’m saying is that sometimes (rarely) covers are really really effing good.  Good like dinosaur boxing and this.

Firstly, Meet Neil Young. If you do not know Neil Young, you should get to know Neil. There’s no better way to ‘find yourself’ than to put on Harvest, grab a beer and have a existential crisis in the forest. You should find the meaning of life before the album ends. Suck on that, Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here’s ‘Harvest Moon’ from the man himself.

OK, now here’s ‘Harvest Moon’ by Poolside. The nu disc0-y DJ’s call their steez  ‘daytime disco’, which is fine, because I’m really sick of putting ‘nu’ in front of everything (nu-bloggin, nu-walking, nu-ALL-THE-THINGS!).  The daylight restriction is curious as it definitely narrows down the amount of gigs they can play, especially up here in the northern winter months.

I wanna make out with this song. I don’t even know which one I like better. It’s that good.

Now the perfect as prose ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Dire Straits. If you’re currently not in love, you will be after listening to this song. Most likely to me, for introducing you to this auricular beauty (or my stunning good looks). You’re welcome, and let’s take it slow cause I wanna do this right.

OK now The Killers? I’ll admit, back when they burst onto the scene, I was sceptical of their artistic integrity. It was as if they were from Shenzen, China (manufactured). They were only a band for a month before their photo-shopped little faces were everywhere. And when I saw them in 2005, I’m positive he was lip syncing. It wasn’t Britney, bitch.

But as time wore on, and they grew into their own, their facial hair and feathered apparel, the music got pret-tay good. But none as good as this cover.

The lyrics of this song is how I imagine unicorns would speak to each other during the courting process.

What emo kid (don’t lie, you totally were, or at least thought about it at some point) doesn’t love Joy Division and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

Now check out the William Shatner-spoken-word-esque cover by the Swans. Creepy, enchanting, cutting edge video technology! Just me on this one?

Isn’t it weird that all these songs are about unrequited love? Also I can’t really think of an artist today who can rival the lyrical prowess of the classics artists. What is wrong with our generation? I guess it’s time to stop texting and start use grammar good n’stuff. Like Omg, wtf, bbq!

Is daytime disco a real thing? Are we making this a thing?

Get To Know Grouplove In The Biblical Sense…

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Blind Melon’s ‘No Rain’…

…got down with Modest Mouse’s ‘Float On’…


Meet Grouplove and their single, ‘Colours’. Skip the 55 second intro and listen NOW. This is mandatory. You should try to find the RAC remix, (I cant seem to…) it’s pretty killer.  (worst music blogger ever!)

Is it me, or are more people wearing headdress’s these days? Did I miss something? I didn’t see Neon Native in TopShop’s FW11 lookbook.. did you?

On Heavy Rotation: The National, Matt & Kim, Bon Iver and Kyoto Protocol

Last Friday, I found two dead birds on the top floors at work. One was a robin and the other was a black bird that’s not a crow. I’m not really into ornithology so I don’t really know if it’s its a blackbird or a black bird.

I do not have one of these today.

I also listened to these songs a lot.  They are good. I encourage you to listen to them too.  You will be a better person for it.

Matt & Kim – ‘Block After Block’

I got to see them live last month in New York. They are one of those bands who are really great live, so if you ever have the chance, you should go. Also that is not CGI,  Kim has really sweet guns in real life too.

The National – ‘Exile Vilify’

I found this song for the first time this week! I love it! His voice is quite a bit higher than his vocals on High Violet, but I do love the piano! Apparently this song is for a video game? Looks like the National are making it big in the indie scene which means we’ll be hearing their tunes in car commercials and teenage melodramas any day now.

Givers – ‘Up Up Up’

This song is happier than a cat in tuna pants.  Givers are pretty new on the scene, but their debut is strong. It’s call In Light.  They kinda remind me of Vampire Weekend a bit and are also from Louisiana which makes them possible, real Vampires.

Bon Iver – ‘Michicant’

If you haven’t listened to Bon Iver’s new album,Bon Iver, yet – then you have not lived! At least not well.  While I really like this song, it’s one of those albums where you need to listen to the whole thing. But be warned, it’s not like a working out/party album. You might cry.

Kyoto Protocol – ‘Never Know’

Turns out this song does not have a video. So I made one, well it’s just a picture of my llama, which suits the song very well I might say. You should also most likely check out Kyoto Protocol and get An Album here. If it’s good enough for llama’s, it’s good enough for you.

Oh also, you can check out all these songs and more on my August playlist. If you need an invite for Spotify, give me a holla!

The 27 Club

With the sad and too soon passing of Amy Winehouse last week, the world again loses rock and roll to sex and drugs.

Amy joins the exclusive ’27 Club’, a “phemonemon” of musicians who die at 27. Some theorists  point to a sort of supernatural rock and roll grim reaper, claiming our musically gifted, slowly but surely in the night. While other schools of thought claim that these musicans are actually werewolves with a shelf life of 324 moons before they self destruct.

Or just maybe one can only party that hard for say…27 years before the human body it calls it day. Keith Richards may disprove this theory but after seeing this Rolling Stone Cover, I’m fairly certain he also died at 27 and was replaced by a muppet covered with an excessive amount of human skin.  Jim Hansen his creator was not.

But the man muppet and bee-hived one are not the only members who made earth shatteringly good tunes, check out the classics of the 27 club below.

Some say Robert Johnson kicked off the 27 club when he kicked the bucket.  If you took Music 103, you’ll know that Johnson pretty much invented the blues.

Johnson is the original hipster. Playing music that had never been played before and not making a dime and dying young, possibly poisoned. Oh and there was that rumour that he sold his soul to the devil. Well the devil tuned his guitar at least.

He influenced the likes of Clapton, joined the rock and roll hall of fame and was named the 5th best guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone. All after he was gone though, so he couldn’t help it he went mainstream. Legit.

Speaking of weird deaths, Jim Morrison of the Doors also populates the 27 club.

Jim’s death was shrouded in mystery and conspiracy for the last 30 years.  How is it that a 27 year old man just drop dead of “natural causes” while chilling in his Paris apartment?  Was he murdered? Did he off himself? Was it a hoax? Was it the Zionist Jews who killed him? (wanna kill some braincells? Head here)

It doesnt help that no official autopsy was done and that his gf of the time who was with him was super nutty, saying all sorts of things, like it was a drug overdose one day or that she killed him the next. Weird thing is, she died 3 years later too, at the age of 27.  Oh and I read one time that she cuddled his dead body for like 3 days before calling the cops, but now I can’t find that Rolling Stone article anywhere (curse you internets!)

All of the mystery lifted when in 2007 when people finally came out and said that they had sold him bad heroin at a club, found him dead in bathroom and then moved him to his bathtub to avoid bad press for the club.  Marianne Faithful was in on this too, but I forget how. So turns out, you can’t trust a dealer or club owners. Weird.

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin joined Jim by attaining 27 club membership in the 70’s. Brian Johnson (original Rolling Stone guitarist) was close, by kicking it in 1969.

Brian drowned in his pool. The actual coroners report says “death by misadventure”.  You think about that Dora the Explorer the next time you set out on one of your “adventures”.

Jimi took way too many of his girlfriend’s sleeping pills after a night out on Londontown and choked on his own vomit in his sleep.

Janis od’d on some bad heroin, apparently it took out some of her dealers other clients that week too.

One of the last things Janis recorded was a birthday greeting for John Lennon.

Kurt commited in 1994.

And sadly, the newest member;

Her cause of death is unknown at this point, but I don’t think we’re set up for any shockers here. I really hope they release the tunes Amy was working on in the Bahamas’s a few years ago. As troubled as she was, she was an amazing talent. I really love this song she did with Mark Ronson. But even at this point in her career, she was too messed up to show up for the video shoot, hence the Amy wannabes:

Some other notables of the 27 club include Dave Alexander, the bassist of The Stooges, Ron McKeran of The Grateful Dead, Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers, Jeremy Ward of The Mars Volta and quite a few others.

Man 27 is really young. I’m only 17 moons away from 27. Thankfully I have no musical talent whatsoever. But it definitely makes you wonder how the music landscape would be different if these artists were still around today.  Well this was informative, but morbid, I’m gonna go out and seize the day or give Lindsey Lohan a hug or something!